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M'hencha is traditionally eaten torn piece by piece from the coil as an authentic tear and share cake.

It can also be sliced using a serrated knife. If I'm going for a more formal serving I tend to freeze it first so the slices are perfect and then toast it under the grill to warm through and crisp up.

CRP Tear and Share

Citrus, Rosewater & Pistachio

This flavour is deliciously light and fragrant. It can be eaten cold as cake but I think all pastries need a little warm and crisp to be enjoyed at their best.

Arm yourself with a spoon and plate, a bowl of pistachio ice-cream and your warm M'hencha. Spoon some ice cream onto your plate, tear a finger to thumb sized piece of M'hencha from the coil, dab into the ice cream and scoffle (technical term for M'hencha Consumption). If you want to bring down the sweetness try greek yoghurt or crème fraiche.

For a slightly more indulgent experience partner with a sweet dessert wine such as Essencia Orange Muscat.

My husband is rather partial to the treat size or left overs for breakfast - re-crisped in the oven with great coffee and the paper.

Orange, Cinnamon & Date

The alter ego to the Rosewater M'hencha this packs a gentle spicy punch whilst retaining its light texture. For me this flavour HAS to be WARM and I tend to serve this dinner party style on a slate with vanilla ice cream and a shot of Golden Bullace Plum Liqueur.

The treat size are great warm from the oven with a generous dollop of custard or chocolate ice cream. Also likened by the mhenchafanship as a seriously posh mince pie...

Again great with tea, coffee or a sweet dessert wine.